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Chimiver LED hard wax oil is the smart, eco-conscious choice for finishing quality wood products. It cures almost instantly under a special LED UV light, rendering products finished with it ready-to-handle or walk on almost immediately. Wood finished with LED HARD WAX OIL is characterized by excellent hardness, distension and elasticity. It confers the wood item a natural look, soft to the touch and with oil-like staining. Because the LED hard wax oil cures virtually instantly, floors, millwork, furniture, cabinetry and other wood products that are finished with it are easy to maintain and spot-refinish in high traffic or common wear areas. This is especially beneficial in many commercial applications and manufacturing processes.

Chimiver Hard Wax Oil Finish is available in three convenient sizes. 5L, 1L, and 200ML

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Why Chimiver?

  • The Future Is Now – Chimiver is great for flooring, cabinetry, furniture, crafts and other quality wood products
  • Works well with various sizes and styles of application equipment for small to industrial sized operations. 
  • Eliminate drying and curing time.
  • The Chimiver brand has been on the international market for over fifty years.
  • Eco-friendly products / Hypoallergenic