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Welcome to Chimiver.US

Exclusive Importer of eco-friendly Chimiver wood products!

Air dry & LED hard wax oil wood finish, multi-surface cleaners, wood maintenance products, wood flooring glue, LED curing lights & more!

Chimiver.US brings the best Italian wood finishes, cleaning and maintenance products to the USA. We offer the finest hard wax oil finishes, wood and surface cleaners, maintenance oils, curing lights and flooring glue available. Our products are perfect for wood flooring, millwork, furniture and crafts. Large and small quantities are available for residential and industrial applications. 

Chimiver_LED_Hard_Wax_Oil_cure_ instantly_under_special_UV_LED

LED Curing & Air Dry
Hard Wax Oil Finish

  • Eco-friendly & Hypo Allergenic, No VOCs
  • Safe for your home, pets & the environment
  • Easy to spot refinish. Perfect for high traffic floors or heavily used wooden furniture.

Wood & Surface Cleaning
& Maintenance Products

  • Eco-friendly & Hypo Allergenic
  • Safe for your home, pets & the environment
  • No harsh odors
  • Gentle to work with
LED Starter Kit With Light and LED Hard Wax Oil

LED Hard Wax Oil
Sample & Starter Kits

  • Kits make getting started easy.
  • 12 of our most popular colors are included.
  • LED curing lights are rechargeable.

Lighting Equipment
for Instant Curing

  • 3 different light sizes to suit needs & budget
  • Rechargeable battery powered or corded
  • Rental options also available
  • Instant curing eliminates long downtimes

Eco-friendly Glue
for Wood Flooring

  • Eco-friendly & Hypo Allergenic, No VOCs
  • Single-component, hydro-curing prepolymer based adhesive with silanic termination
  • For installing wooden floors & subfloors

About Chimiver.US

Chimiver was founded in 1965 and quickly became one of the leading manufacturers of high quality wood finish and maintenance product in Italy. In 2021, Chimiver expanded to the United States with a small selection of products to offer.

Now, Chimiver.US offers many earth, home, and pet friendly wood products and continues to expand.

Why Chimiver.US?

  • Chimiver.US offers many products for wood finishing, cleaning, gluing, and maintenance.

  • LED hard wax oil cures instantly, eliminating drying time. This is perfect for restaurants and retail area floors or furniture with heavy use. Avoid costly downtime and offensive odors from harsh air dry finishes.

  • The Chimiver brand has been on the international market for over 55 years.

  • Chimiver products are eco-friendly and hypoallergenic. No VOCs.

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Chimiver LED Hard Wax Oil shown on herringbone parquet white oak hardwood flooring

Chimiver LED hard wax oil is available is dozens of beautiful colors!