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LED Hard Wax Oil Finish – The Future is NOW!

What is LED Hard Wax Oil finish?

Chimiver’s LED Hard Wax Oil Finish, arguably one of the world’s best wood finishes. This finish is a special hard wax oil finish, when applied to wood products, can be cured instantly using a 395nm LED curing light. It’s natural ingredients and high tech curing properties make it perfect for many applications, especially projects that cannot endure long downtimes or hazardous fumes from VOCs (volatile organic compounds). In short, LED hard wax oil finish has no VOCs, is hypoallergenic and cures instantly with a special LED curing light. Plus, it’s safe for your home, workplace, and the environment.

applying led hard wax oil finish onto wood curing with light

Why should you use Chimiver LED Hard Wax Oil?

  • Cures instantly with a 395nm LED curing light
  • Finished product is ready to use in instantly
  • Eco-friendly – NO VOCs
  • Hypoallergenic – safe for your home, people, animals, and the planet
  • Available in 30+ colors
  • Easy to spot refinish, perfect for high traffic, high wear wood products such as bar tops, wood floors, doors, cabinetry, furniture and more
  • Available in sizes suitable for small shops or industrial manufacturing applications
  • Nationwide shipping
  • Trusted for over 55 years!

Available in over 30 colors and 3 convenient sizes!

The use of LEDs for the hardening of wood coating products

The use of specific coating products and the consequent photo-hardening through the use of LED lamps guarantees a series of advantages compared to the use of less efficient UV technologies, including:

  • significant energy savings: up to 85% less energy than traditional technologies
  • no ozone emissions into the environment: unlike UV lamps, LEDs do not release ozone.
  • increase in the useful life of the lamps in the coating systems: the lamps last longer, therefore also the system block time and disposal problems are reduced.  

Why choose an LED application

-Energy saving, reducing production cost 

-Reducing production times

-No need for drying systems

-Easily finished on site, spot fixed

-High resistance to abrasions and liquid damages 

-Many colors to choose from, making custom colors by mixing Chimiver LED hard wax oils together