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Lios Kronos Intensive Cleaner – 1 Liter

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Intensive cleaner for oiled wooden floors. Used regularly, removes even the toughest dirt on the wooden floors.

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1 Liter of LIOS KRONOS

LIOS Kronos is an intensive floor cleaner with a special plant based formula for deep and intensive cleaning of wooden floors treated with natural oil. If used regularly, LIOS Kronos effortlessly removes even the toughest dirt.

1 L packaging: dilute LIOS Kronos in water (3 capfuls in 1 liter of water). 5L – 25L packaging: dilute 500 ml of product into 5L of water (concentration 10%). Wash the floor with a well wrung out cloth. Recommended frequency: 30/60 days. After cleaning, apply LIOS Soft Balm or LIOS Soft Balm Aloe (see technical data sheets) cleaner detergent for oiled wooden floors. In the presence of damaged wooden floors on the surface, proceed with the application of LIOS Talita Plus, refreshing oil. If the wooden floor is particularly abrasive/dry, proceed with LIOS Talita Plus regenerating maintenance oil. 90% biodegradable.

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