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LED Floor Curing Light

$14,999.00 $14,999.00

  • Energy efficient
  • Large curing width
  • No emissions
  • Light weight
  • Long lasting

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The LED 450 is a professional curing machine specially designed for on-site floor curing of LED wood finishes.  With a 450mm(17.7in) curing window you can cure large areas fast and effectively.  The LED 450 runs off of standard electric so anywhere there is power you can run the machine.  Plus it weighs less than 35lbs so it’s easy to maneuver from job site to job site.  Take your floor finishing to the next level with LED technology, you and your customers are going to love it.



  • Wide curing with 450mm (17.7 in)
  • Powered by standard electric
  • No emissions
  • Long Lasting LED’s rated for 10,000 hrs
  • Light weight 35lbs
  • Energy efficient