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UV LED Lights for rent

Our intense UV LED lights are designed specifically for the instant curing of LED hard wax oil finish when applied to flooring, millwork, furniture, or other hardwood products.

Interested in renting a UV LED light for a specific project, or to test one before you purchase one? No problem. Download the appropriate form below, complete it and contact us when you’ve completed the form. We’ll give you specific instructions and answer any questions you may have!

25V UV LED Handheld Light with Rechargeable Battery

  • Long lasting lithium battery
  • Versatile for small spaces
  • Great for smaller spaces and touch ups
  • Light weight
  • Rechargeable

UV LED Handheld Light, 395nm 50W with Rechargeable Battery, is an entry level curing machine. It’s great for small shops that are just getting started with LED hard wax oil. It can handle smaller projects and tight corners with ease. It’s also a versatile on-site curing light for touchups and spot fixes.

Interested in purchasing? Check out our 25V Cordless LED curing light.

20V Battery Powered LED Curing Light for LED Hard Wax Oil